Fly & Fun Story

Paragliding for us is a recreational activity. It is the means to have fun and get to know new places, enjoy nature's beauties, and make many good friends who share the same passion and love for flying. We respect the activity and safety rules, which we always make a priority.


Head of School: Stavros Kostoulas

Foreign Languages: English, German

Paragliding is a fantastic sport that has not stopped giving me beautiful experiences even after 30 years. On every flight, I discover something new, something magical that surprises me and makes me learn new things. The beautiful emotions it evokes are of great value to me, and I am happy to share them with my students and passengers, giving them a taste of the magical world of flying. It makes me happy every time I see on their faces, the unprecedented emotions and the immense joy, as if they were children!!!


Paragliding instructor of the Hellenic Air Sports Federation

Paragliding instructor of the APPI

Have started paragliding since 1994

Founder of Fly & Fun since 1998

Introducer to seminars of Airclubs since 2005

Elaboration and publication of technical articles on paragliding at Internet since 2005

Participant examinator of pilots concerning the issue of degrees since 2006

Instructor at the school of instructors of the Hellenic Air Sports Federation for paragliding since 2013

Organiser and a leader of the Hellenic nationwide since 1996

Organiser of aisports festivals since 2001

Co-founder member of the airclubs and airsports unions of: Arta city 1995,Epirus 2001,Ioannina city 2011

Host in the TEDx University of Ioannina city in 2016

Attending DHV training for Tandem & Instructor 2018

Examiner on an APPI workshop for professionals tandem pilots 2019

Certified from the University of Thessaly as an animator for tourist outdoor activities in 2020

Member of Paragliding committee for the Hellenic association of tourism enterprises in outdoor activities 2021

Lecturer for the University of Thessaly on:"Paragliding as an Outdoor Recreational Tourism Activity",2022

News & Updates

Here we share news and updates. The evolution of paragliding never stops!

Stavros Kostoulas
The history of paragliding

And the story begins somewhere in America ... In the early 1960s NASA was looking for ways to bring back the Apollo capsules from space.