If you are more than passionate about paragliding
then our paragliding school is waiting for you.

Introduction to paragliding

5 hours

Day-1: Getting familiar with the equipment, retrieving techniques, checking and inflating the parachute.

Day-2: Checklist and small departures from the cliff.


Basic education

10 Days
  • Practical training  21 hours
    Ground exercises and flights from the learning cliff

  • Theoretical training  8 hours

  • Materials – Aerodynamics – Flying techniques – Meteorology

  • 10 Solo Flights (flying under the supervision of the instructor and support via wireless communication during take-off and landing)


B level education

6 Days

It includes practical and theoretical lessons concerning safety precautions and flying performance. Lessons are adapted to the level and the student’s needs.


Safety manoeuvres
simulation course

1 Day

You are going to fly in tandem with one of our instructors. During flying time, the instructor performs all manoeuvres expected for your level of knowledge/expertise.
Afterwards from the passenger seat you can try it yourself so as the instructor can make all the necessary corrections.


SIV - Simulated incident in flight

3 Days

This training takes place over a lake under the supervision of a certified instructor and with the support of a rescue boat. The aim is for the trainee to learn all the maneuvers that correspond to the level of the diploma for which he is a candidate.


Paragliding School frequently
asked questions

What is paragliding?

Paragliding is a recreational and competitive adventure sport that involves flying a lightweight, free flying glider using only wind currents and thermal updrafts for lift.

Is paragliding safe?

Paragliding is a relatively safe activity when done with proper training and equipment. However, as with any adventure sport, there are inherent risks.

Are there any age restrictions for paragliding?

Α minimum age requirement is usually between 14and 18 years old. However, there is no upper age limit as long as the participant is healthy.

Are there weight restrictions for paragliding?

Yes, weight restrictions vary depending on the paraglider and equipment being used. Most wing shave weight limits between 100 to 130 kilograms.

Is paragliding physically demanding?

Paragliding requires moderate fitness, as you will need to run during takeoff and landing. However, it is moderately physically demanding.

How long does the training take?

The duration of paragliding training depends on the course you choose. It can vary from a few days to a couple of weeks.

Do I have to buy the equipment for learning?

You don’t have to buy equipment. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment for ground training and flying tasks during the training period.

Is paragliding expensive?

Paragliding is a relatively affordable adventure sport. However, costs can vary depending on training, equipment, and location.

Can I paraglide in any weather condition?

Paragliding requires suitable weather conditions. Pilots carefully evaluate wind speed, direction, and other factors before flying. Unsuitable weather conditions can result in canceled or postponed flights.

Can I solo paraglide after completing my training?

After training, you will receive a confirmation of paragliding training to fly. However, flying initially under an experienced pilot’s supervision is advisable until you gain more confidence and experience.

How high can I fly while paragliding?

The maximum altitude you can reach in paragliding depends on various factors such as weather conditions, air pressure, and the type of paraglider you are using. However, most recreational flights stay within a few hundred meters to a few thousand meters above ground level.

Can I paraglide in winter?

Paragliding in winter is also possible, weather permitting, like any day of the year.

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