Tandem Paragliding
in Greece

From peaceful floating and sightseeing
to gravity-defying excitement

Take off points:
9 available locations
Flight duration:
Up to 40 minutes
Flight video:
Passenger Insurance:

Choose your preferable
location to fly

Ioannina,(by the lake)

Seeing the scenic town of Ioannina from another perspective
Standard 10 - 20 min or Long 20 - 40 min
95€ 140€
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Zagori (Dikorfo)

Breathtaking images that will never be forgotten
Standard 10 - 20 min or Long 20 - 40 min
85€ 120€
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Zagori (Aspraggeloi),

Paragliding over magical sceneries with a unique view
Standard 8 - 20 min or Long 20 - 40 min
85€ 120€
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Lefkada, (Kathisma beach)

A flying paradise
8 - 20 min
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Arta, (Chanopoulo - Gribovo)

Εnjoy the beautiful view basking at the plain of Arta
8 - 20 min
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A dazzling view the Pindos sierra
8 - 20 min
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Vrachos - Loutsa Beach (Preveza)

In front of you unravels the Ionian sea and a vast coast!
7 - 15 min
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Plataria ,(Thesprotia)

Οne of the most picturesque villages of the prefecture of Thesprotia
8-20 min
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Gliki, Souli mountains, (Acheron Springs)

Τhe majestic landscapes of the Souli Mountains and acheron river !
8 - 20 min
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Tandem Paragliding Flight Details

Meeting near to the take off location

Briefing and instruction about take-off and landing

Clipped into your harness and helmet

Launch from the mountain and glide away

Enjoy the cool breeze and breath taking vies

Safely land back after a lifetime experience

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Tandem Paragliding
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Things to know before taking off

It is recommended to wear trousers, long sleeves, and a lightweight jacket or windbreaker.

The duration of the flight might change dependingon weather conditions.

If adverse weather conditions occur, the tourmay experience delays or cancellations.

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Your Pilot, Stavros

Fly with professional paragliding instructor with 30+ years of experience.

6.000+ Solo flights

7.000+ Tandem flights

30+ Years of experience

Paragliding instructor of the Hellenic Air Sports Federation

Paragliding instructor of the APPI international organization

meet your pilot

Enjoy the flight, you are in safe hands

For the flight's safety, it is imperative to adhere to the pilot's instructions throughout
the entire journey, from takeoff to landing.

Superior quality andtested equipment.
Passenger insuranceis included
Experienced and licensed pilot

Tandem paragliding frequently
asked questions

What is paragliding?

Paragliding is a recreational and competitive adventure sport that involves flying a lightweight, free flying glider using only wind currents and thermal updrafts for lift.

What is a tandem flight?

A tandem flight is when an experienced pilot flies with a passenger. The pilot handles all aspects of the flight while the passenger enjoys the experience and can even take control of the glider under the pilot's guidance.

Can I paraglide in winter?

Paragliding in winter is also possible, weather permitting, like any day of the year.

Do I need prior experience to go paragliding?

No, you don't need any prior experience to go paragliding. A qualified instructor will guide you during your flight.

What if I'm afraid of heights?

Many people who fear heights find paragliding surprisingly enjoyable because the sensation of flying overshadows any fear. The tandem flight experience allows you to relax and focus on the incredible experience rather than the height.

What would have to be my weight?

With the paragliding tandem, a person *between 20and 90 kg is eligible for flying.
*For passengers less than 20 kg or more than 90 kg, we will determine whether a tandem flight is possible on a case-by-case basis.

What should I be wearing?

Closed type of hiking shoes when possible, and warm, relaxed clothes

How does it take place?

The pilot will help you wear a helmet and get seated at the take-off site. He will give you a brief tutorial on what you should do during take-off. After that, he will fasten you on him and, at the right moment, will lift the wing and ask you to run for a few meters. After that short moment, you will be airborne and enjoy the flight.

What is the flying duration?

This depends on the weather conditions. A flight can last from 8 to 20 minutes. Depending on the thermal, wind, and condition of the passenger. The pure flight time, however, is one of many decisive factors for the value of experience.

Can I bring a camera or GoPro on the flight?

If desired, your tandem pilot can take pictures and video with a GoPro HD camera. You don't have to bring an extra camera. We also accept no liability if your camera is lost or damaged during the flight.

After the Book?

We will contact you the day before the scheduled date between 6-8 pm for weather and meeting point updates.

What happens when the weather is bad?

We will contact you before the flight if we cannot fly due to rain or strong wind. If you cannot participate on a different day and we make the cancellation, you do not bear any costs!

How do I make the payment?

You can pay the tandem flight in cash at the point off light, by iris payment to our account, or with direct bank transfer (please bring payment confirmation).

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